Talk About Death


At the end of the day
Your dead and they are dead
At the end of the day, we are going to go from this world to another
From this house to another house
From this life to another life
And there is no escape from this process
True loss is not in this world
and true profit is not gained in this world
Because this world and whoever is in it and whatever is in it is temporary
its profit, its gain and its loss end when this world ends
and it ends forever
True loss is to lose our self on the day of judgement
to lose our family on the day of judgement
to lose those who we like on the day of judgement
This is true loss which we must fear
Each one of us must have their own goals
personal goals
And outside the worry of the people my personal worries has kept me busy
Each one of us needs to have a personal goal called
this need to be our goal
this is the greater goal that each one of us needs to carry with all its burdens
During the night and day
" how can i,my family and those i like avoid hell fire"
Allah SWT says : "Every human being is bound to taste death but only on the Day of Resurrection will you be requited in full"
Your reward is over there
You will meet your reward in the next world, this world is without (reward)
Today is work without accountability, while tomorrow is accountability without work
Human being need to remember that he is going to die
And he needs to remember this day and night.

Allah Humma Solli Ala Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad

-Syed Hassan Nasrallah-


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