Metafora Seorang Bapa


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“One day I asked my Father on how to live on this earth…
he smile and said to me ...............
My Son,
Be like the sun. A rise early, and do not go to bed late.
Be like the Moon. Shine in the darkness, but submit to the greater light.
Be like the birds. Eat, sleep, drink and fly.
Be like the flowers, loving the sun, but faithful to your roots.
Be like the faithful slave, but only to your Lord.
Be like the fruit. Beautiful on the outside and healthy on the inside.
Be like the day, which arrives and leaves without boasting.
Be like the oasis. Give your water to the thirsty.
Be like the firefly, although small, it casts its own light.
Be like the water, good and transparent.
Be like the river, always moving forward.

And above all things,
Be like the heavens: a home of true promises.

I prayed to my Lord, don’t let me remain where I am.
Help me reach where You want me to be.”
kredit to google image saja..

Allah Humma Solli Ala Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad

p/s : kredit to uncle amin


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