Tidak Terkawal Emosi Bencana

loving you again is very impossible
cause i been hurt so much before
it;s all over.. you dead to me now
(i’m sorry i can’t love you again)
You mean no good to me
(i’m sorry you’re my memories)
Please be out of my head
I’m sorry you’re my memories..

No matter how much time that we have spent together
Or whatever things that we have said to each other
It all just a painful memory now
They all just fucking history
I never wanted it to be this way
But how could you said you love me while you don’t
You broke my heart into a thousand pieces

My love for you is already gone
Left it in a trash
Now i don’t have a heart anymore
You broke it good
You will be a part of my memories
A chapter of my life
Now i don’t care you anymore

I’m sorry i can’t love you again
I’m sorry you’re my memories

Now i will just let it be
And bury my heart to the ground
I don’t care about you anymore
Move on without you here

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