Manusia tidak pernah adil tetapi Allah SWT maha adil

Asslamualaikum, Allah Humma Solli Ala Muhammad, Wa Ali Muhammad

Based on a true story..

there is one story, the story is very cruel and cheap. One day, a man accused of a sect of men of Ahlul Bait to take his property, he did not accuse him real bad, but the language seemed to accuse the man was taking his property. this is not fair. This innocent man trying to defend themselves with a soft section in the beginning and tried to explain everything very well, but the man was still ignorant, and innocent man was finally raised his voice in order to drop the ego of man. The accused man, still does not want peace, suddenly there is a nobleman came to reconcile the tension. and he was suddenly scolded innocent man and he say that this innocent man who seems nice and also some points that make no sense. because of this noble man does not want to be involved in this case. innocent man was taken to admit defeat and withdraw. This innocent man had invited men to meet with the owner of real property located in this innocent man. and finally they meet the property owners, when they discuss the reality of innocent men really do not take the property in which he lost the accuser. however, men are stubborn accuser as if not satisfied and still want to accuse innocent men took his property.historically, these innocent men had never fought a fight rugs, but he was cheerful. and imagine that one day this man became a grumpy .. think about why. and it is true this man is innocent. Remember people do not have a fair but God is most fair.

P/S : saya geram tetapi saya budak baik.


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