Di kala Keboringan Dan Kesunyian

maka terciptalah sebuah lirik hampa yang x seberapa...

once upon a time..
u give me a fake hope but i dont realize it
u make me happy but now u make me sick of u..
u crush my heart with ur million words (how could u!!!)
i dont think i can accept this (no!!!!)

i dont want to cry because of u (no im not!!!)
i dont want to suicide because of u (no im not!!!)
i write this dark note because of u,
i hurt myself because of u

one day if im die(im promise!!!)
my blood will bleeding on ur white dress
and that time u will sorry for that
but dont worry to much..
its only hurt when i breath

this all lesson to me (this all lesson to me!!!)
lesson to me for loving u (Loving U!!!!)
the looser word is suitable for me
and the fucking word is matching for u...

lyrics by yen
11.45 am
CCT class
dkg 2/6

p/s: emo is love...emo is dark jiwang


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