SPORTS!!! Hell YeaH...


Last friday n Saturday..we have Colgis Sport Carnival, hakim as a project manager. futsal ada, net ball ada, badminton ada..n the most important is TUG OF WAR..oh what is that hah??..actually is a sukan tarik tali..the most challenging game i think..well yeah.

i still remember we pro,ote the carnival nigh before the was awesome..we play a role like a clown at kachi mall to attract student to join us..and guess what?? we made it yaww!!! 2 team had register..erk??wait.. only two team?? hey..ok la tu haha..even me n my friends (rasul,man kecik,ali,awi,is,gon,alip,kimi n byk lagi) not so good to act like a clown. n after that we climb to dpp SME BANK to promote the carnival..n theres a lil bit prob..i dont want to talk about it. before go back to our room..haikm told us to come early in the morning for tomorrow..aha..8.30am.done..i kunci my alarm clock(actually it was my handphone) at 7.30am.damn!!! i forgot..tomorrow i must go to hutan be a guide.never mind la..kejap je kot masuk hutan tu..

i wake ep early on that beautiful friday morning. and tros start moto pegi bilik kelab kembara..comel n fahmi already there. n we weait 4 the budak2 yang nk masuk hutan tu..9 o clock we start tracking...tired but cool.the budak2 was so awesome..they dont act like baby..i mean manja2 dlm hutan..haih thank god.

before smayamh jumaat im going back to kachi..n mandi.because i x mandi la..nk masuk hutan je kot..buat apa nk mandi2 nie,nnt busuk balik..brush ur teeth and basuh muka is enough..its a tip.hehe.u all ingt MARIA ELENA je ada tips jaga muka..i pun ada ok.that evening i tros pegi melepak dekat court futsal..wah ramai including a group of foreign student(GERMANY) also join..and it was awesome.actually tug of war also start on that evening..but we have a technical problem, where the tali is not long enough to play for 10 the game was postpone to saturday evening.

early in the saturday morning, im going to pusat sukan with man kecik after the ali give a fake reason tell that he dont have enough a little bit disappointed. than i ask a new tali from pusat sukan..hope its enough for 10 people to play..alhamdulillah..they give me quiet long rope..i think almost 20 people can play that.hahaha..panjang kot..

~~~That evening~~

the tug of war begin..and agak dapt sambutan la.coz in the begining i thought there is no consistence from boy team..rupanya ada...dlm 3 team kot. girl ada 2 team.the game was start..first match..girls vs girls. than 2nd match my team including ali,man kecik,is,alif,rasul,ikram junior,and more..and of course we are strong enough to beat our enemy..and the result is..damn we loose dude..for god sake..xpe2..baru first match. than 3rd match we all punya team kna fight lagi..after all energy had been thrown out on the 2nd match..we are a lil bit looser..hahaha..we lost again and again. damn...

after all team had play..we have bonus game where boy vs girl..oh man..are we gonna fight girl?? they just a girls..of course we will win the match.the loose team will fight the girl team and of course the winner one..we are very confident to beat them..hahahahaha..satu,dua,tiga tarik!!!!! we all pull hard...untill our last breath.damn they are strong!!what they eat...not less 5 second and we loose to girls team..fuck the way man..gua pun lari la nyorok blakang pokok..malu beb..hahaha..but no worry..we have one more match...we fight them back..klau x kitorang akan kna bahan seumur semester if we all kalah,,klai ni pasti manang...the 2nd match begin..we will win!!!! and yes finally..we win!!!! hooray!!!hahaha...

what a wonderful is awesome actually..rugi klau x join.we have fun on that see yah next post.

p/s : im using english to prove my english..sorry for any mistake


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